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Recruto supports your recruitment in a transparent and proactive way while freeing your HR from this burdensome task. Our multidisciplinary team adapts to the current reality of workers and job seekers to ensure that the labor shortage is no longer a drag on your growth. Doing business with Recruto means setting up a proactive recruitment center that gives results.

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Ready to put your recruitment on auto-pilot? 👇

Ready to put your recruitment on auto-pilot? 👉

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Use case of our services

Gestion des stagiaires Recruto

Case Study 1

Trainee Management

A petrochemical company annually employs more than 30 trainees from different engineering faculties throughout the year. The Recruto team is responsible for the following aspects:

• Establish the link between the hiring managers and the universities;
• Respect the timetables for posting and selection of each faculty;
• Conduct phone interviews with potential trainees;
• Coordinate postings, interviews and internship reports;
• Represent the company during faculty recruitment events.

Case Study 2

Increase in production capacity

A major manufacturer is seeking the hiring of some 60 production employees in the coming year to support its operations in its 3 factories in Quebec. The Recruto team supports the recruitment of all production positions including:

• Deploy a social media strategy and Google keyword purchases;
• Organization and presence at the days of employment;
• Conduct phone interviews and face-to-face interviews;
• Management of the company's Facebook page and online chat in the Career page;
• Take professional references;
• Make factory visits with potential candidates;
• Directly contact the candidates who appear in person in the factories.
Augmentation de la capacité de production Recruto
Déploiement d’un réseau de commerce de détail Recruto

Case Study 3

Deployment of a retail network

A retailer is aiming to open a dozen stores in several regions of Quebec on a specific date, requiring the hiring of 350 sales clerks and store managers in 3 months. The Recruto Team, together with the human resources consulting firm mandated to lead the project, is responsible for:

• Participate in the development of massive recruitment logistics;
• Create a webpage dedicated to recruitment and advise the client on advertising placements;
• Rent and customize our application management system (+ 20,000 HP received);
• Sort CVs received and conduct phone interviews;
• Coordinate virtual interviews with consultants from the consulting firm;
• Generate dashboards with performance indicators;
• Provide the personal identification data of successful candidates for importation into the payroll software.

Case Study 4

Creation and maintenance of a pool of qualified welders

An equipment supplier in the transport sector needs to keep nearly 300 welders employed to support its order book. To compensate for short and long term disability, retirement or termination of employment and assignment of employees on special projects, the Recruto Team is mandated to create and maintain a bank of qualified welders throughout the year. To do this, our team ensures:

• Manage postings on different employment platforms;
• Establish links with vocational training institutions;
• Conduct phone interviews of all candidates;
• Coordinate the required documentation and the validation of diplomas;
• Ensure the verification of the professional and judicial antecedents;
• Continuously plan 2 to 3 qualified welders in a practical test twice a month;
• Prepare employment contracts and compile employee records according to company standards.
Création et maintien d’un bassin de soudeurs qualifiés Recruto

What recruitment need do you want to achieve?

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A turnkey service


Our basic offer — Your improved HR department

Affichage et diffusion de vos offres d’emploi

Posting and dissemination of your job offers

We post on your behalf on all relevant job boards (schools, specialized sites, job alerts, Jobillico, Jobboom, Emploi-Québec, Indeed, etc.). We write your offers to optimize the text for search engines and make them attractive to candidates.

Centre d’appel de recrutement

Recruitment Call Center

You will get a 1-800 line dedicated to your company. Our recruiters are available 6 days out of 7, day and evening to answer interested candidates. We also answer questions directly on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and via the "online chat" box that we will have installed on your career page. Candidates can also reach us by SMS.

Entrevue téléphonique enregistrée

Recorded telephone interview

Once the phone interview is over, you get a summary of the application and a recommendation from our recruiters to continue or not with that person depending on the desired profile. We see further than the CV. Since all calls are recorded, you can also listen to the interview and / or call the candidate directly for a formal interview.

Options — For you to liberate even more

Our team can take care of other stages of your recruitment process according to your needs. Several options à la carte are available to you:

  • Compliance (references, background, diplomas, etc.)
  • Tests (Office, Language, Personality, Medical, etc.)
  • Administrative paperwork (contract, check specimen, etc.)
  • Recruitment videos
  • Organization of employment day or fairs
  • Tour of training institutions
  • Welcome and integration
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Implementation steps in your company

Step 1: Understand

We analyze your current recruiting tools and needs and immerse ourselves in your organizational culture to create an effective recruitment strategy that reflects your image.

Comprendre Recruto

Step 2: Set Up

We ensure the technological implementation of the various services and tools selected in addition to improve those you already have. Your personalized recruitment center then takes shape.

Activer Recruto

Step 3: Activate

We take action as if we are an extension of your HR team and we keep you regularly informed of the progress of the mandates. Prepare to receive your first applications!

Implanter Recruto

Step 4: Optimize

We are constantly on the lookout for transformations in the job market and the results of our concerted recruitment efforts so that you are always ahead of the competition.

Optimiser Recruto

Ready to put your recruitment on auto-pilot? 👇

Ready to put your recruitment on auto-pilot? 👉

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Team Recruto

A dynamic and competent team

By choosing Recruto, you get a multidisciplinary team. Our varied skills allow you to benefit from several expertise without having to deal with several subcontractors.

  • Business Strategy
  • Automation and IT
  • Graphics and writing
  • Event planning
  • Tool optimization
  • Social networks and new media
  • Recruitment
  • Management Analytics
  • Project management
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